USA logic for Homeland Security: More Guns. Fewer Mexicans.

Dear citizens of United States of America,

Just like you, I discovered what happened in Newtown. Creepy. Once again. But I know you will continue to fight against this kind of murderers for the sake of Homeland Security. I think a very good solution for you would be (1) allow more guns and (2) avoid Mexicans. Let me explain.


First, do not forget the second amendment which is like the Bible (i.e. set in stone). You have the right to have a weapon. The 47% of you owning a gun 1 is not, absolutely not a danger (evidences are here and USA is not even the worse!). The only purpose is defense 2. I know. I understand.

Anyway, the guilty is a gamer 3. Let’s be fair: that must be the reason of this case 4. Not the guns.


On the other hands, Mexicans are dangerous. They are poor and they live not far from you. They are jealous of your wealth. They are drugs dealers. And they prostitute themselves. All of them. It’s enough. You have to protect yourself from them.

Mexican FlagBy trying to keep them away of your country, you chose the right option.

Why do I propose that?

Because while security concerns arise with the school shooting in Newtown, I experienced your security rules through what happend to relatives of mine. This allows me to have a clear overview of your Homeland Security policies. Which are certainly right.

My brother-in-law’s wife is Mexican (Red alert! Danger!). With her husband, they are interested in shiatsu and aikido, ancestral arts of Japan (Do you remember Peal Harbour?). They are slightly environmentalist (What? They do not like oil? What about Hummers?). They live in Europe (You know, where communism is born). As you see, I think they are potentially dangerous.

This month, they wanted to fly to Mexico in order to spend the Christmas Holidays with their family. Fly was booked and they needed visas from your administration because they had a stop over in the USA. After a long time without news from you, it appears that you won’t give her the visa. Homeland Security has spoken. I think you are right. You are never too careful with Mexicans 5.

God Bless AmericaBy the way, your well-motivated decision (her application form was labelled 221(g), so it is clear enough) also helped the world economy, which is very good in these crisis fighting times: she had to buy new tickets (way AND back, because when there is a “no show” for the going trip, the return is automatically cancelled, even if there is no stop over in the USA for the return).

Well played, USA. Well played. You are brilliant. God Bless America.

Homeland security

Your homeland security, i.e. life and wealth of USA citizens 6, is number 1 priority. For a long time now, we know that you will do your best to reach that goal.

My own experience, as mentioned above, clearly shows that you are on the good way. More guns. Fewer Mexicans. This will help you avoid mass murders and increase homeland security. For sure.

Courage for the rest of your life and good luck with all strange and creepy people on Earth.


for the rest of the world.

(This post is inspired by a letter written by my brother-in-law to President Obama to highlight the non-sense of the situation.)



  2. as proposed here, maybe you should give guns to children in school. So they can protect themselves against mass murderers. Think about it!
  3. Let’s see here how it is dangerous to be a gamer.
  4. I do not say “drama”, as a very good post on G+ points the difference between a "drama" and a "trend".
  5. After all, the Mayans predicted the end of the world for Dec. 21 2012. And where come the Mayas from ? Yucatan, Mexico. Bam. Coincidence? I don't think so. Every Mexican is a potential mayan-end-of-the-world-terrorist. QED.
  6. Please note that I do not say “Americans” because that could mix you up with other people from the american continent. And I know you won’t like that.