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  1. Can we just stay consistent to one doggone formula Sega. I mean one minute its the boost game play,then the classic game play,and then some people still want the adventure ga.polaymBettom line you can’t please everyone period you just can’t.

  2. Seguirá el club de la comedia del presimiente Piñera hasta el 2014 y de ahíchaíto a la derecha mentirosa udi Rn que solo sabe estafar y engañar a los ciudadanos.Estos son 4 años de regreso al subdesarrollo.Costará sacar a Chile de la miseria moral y ética en la que lo ha metido esta vieja-nueva forma de gobernar, que es un sample copy-paste de la dictadura.la derecha se quedó vieja, añeja, amtigua, y viviendo en el pasado de su ditadura.Chile se sacudirá de la espalda a estos parásitos sociales udi y Rn.

  3. Hopefully you will have more people finding the link up . . . just takes alittle time. The photos are beautiful, the light gorgeous! Thank you, and I hope you have the same kind of weekend.

  4. This series is great, John. Can you explain the parameters a bit more, please. How did you know about the replytocom parameter? Where did you find it? I am using Standard. Are there others? How would I know? Thank you.

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